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Management Software

Simplify your business

Small to medium business software

Enterprise Resource Planning software (management software) is traditionally expensive, which makes it difficult for businesses to justify the expense. Kamerge HQ management software is priced to meet the budget of your small to medium business and is purpose built for the unique processes of your business. Our software connects both the simple and complex processes of your business in one centralized location, distributed on our robust cloud network. This improves communication between each business activity and saves you time and money.

Your management software will be hosted in our enterprise grade cloud network and supported by industry leading service providers.


Below area few features that can be customized for the processes of your business, we can develop unique and purpose built functions to suit your processes. If you have any questions or would like more information we encourage you to contact us.


Cloud network

Your data is securely stored and backed by our robust cloud network providers.


Create multiple sub-accounts with select permissions and limited access.


Create email and SMS notifications on important events to stay informed.


Seamlessly link your Kamerge HQ with a multitude of other software platforms.



Create and manage the details and contact information of your customers.


Organize your customers into groups for marketing and sales reports.


Automatically track customer events and actions to better understand your processes.



Issue one-time and recurring invoices for products sold or services rendered.


Streamline your checkout process and integrate it into your management software.


We integrate with major merchant account providers and payment processors.



Instantly generate custom reports to review the status of your key processes.


Visualize your data with easy to use live graphs and charts.


Time Tracking

Employee and project time tracking and management.

Quality Control

Use the camera module to track operational processes for quality assurance and documentation.


Assign and organize tasks for efficient project management.


Integrate to map software for live visual employee and fleet tracking.


Easily collect and manage incoming estimates and quotes for existing and future projects.

Image AI

Employ image AI to read text, faces and other information on pictures for indexing in your system.

Human Capital

Securely store, track and organize operational human capital profiles and information.



Access to your account is protected with optional two-factor authentication.

Access logs

View detailed access logs for all actions performed on your account.


Built-in security policies to ensure passwords are kept strong.

Reach out to us and request a proposal for your business.


What is a 'management software'?

Management software is purpose built software that is specifically tailored to the unique processes of your business. Using management software you can streamline your business processes by automating steps of your customer relationship building, estimates, accounting and financial processes and more. There is no limit on what you can do. Our software is designed to be modular and purpose built for the unique processes of your business and is hosted in our robust enterprise grade cloud platform. If you have additional questions or would like to request more information please contact us.

What is included with my management software?

All of our customers who use our management software receive access to our experienced and knowledgeable development staff to help build a platform that meets the unique requirements of their business. In addition, all customers are hosted on our enterprise grade business cloud hosting platform and provided all the benefits included with our hosting platform.

How much does it cost?

Our management software is purpose built to meet the requirements of your business and therefore all of our pricing is on a case-by-case basis. However, every implementation of our management software includes a fixed development cost, which includes the design, development and deployment of your platform. After implementation the management software has a monthly service fee that is determined by the extent of your software's functionality and complexity of your business requirements. If you are interested in receiving a zero commitment proposal for your business, please reach out to us.

Can I request custom functionality?

Yes, absolutely! Our platform is design to be molded to the unique requirements of your business. We understand your process are unique and we can tailor the software to fit your processes, we also provide consultation on ways to improve your existing process. There are no limits to the functionality of your customized management software.

Is the management software branded to my business?

Yes. Every deployment of our management software is customized to match the branding of the business.